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BitQuick has always offered people the ability to buy cryptocurrency quickly and easily. However, since closing nearly 3 years ago, we have only offered the option to trade Bitcoin. We’re glad to announce that we are now supporting multiple cryptos again; please welcome Bitcoin Cash to the platform!


How Does It Work?


Select your crypto.

Starting out, you can now select your crypto via our Quick Buy form or via the filters on our buy page. You just need to click the  button and choose your crypto to buy:














Note: We charge an additional 3% fee for BCH buys, which is included in the BTC/BCH exchange rate (we use Bitcoin Average’s last price as a reference).


Complete your order.

The rest of the buying process will be very much the same as our traditional process, with the only difference being that you will need to provide a receiving address for whatever crypto you are purchasing (in this case a Bitcoin Cash address):


After placing your hold, you can proceed with the payment as normal (visit a local branch of the seller’s financial institution, deposit cash into their account, and upload a photo of your receipt). Once uploading your receipt, you will receive your BCH within 3 hours or less (or 24 hours for Western Union or MoneyGram transactions). For more information, please see our how to page.

*Please make sure that you will be able to access the BCH sent to the address you provide. Legacy Bitcoin Cash addresses are the same format as Bitcoin addresses.


More Cryptos Coming Soon!








Now that we are able to support buying for multiple cryptocurrencies on our platform, we want to hear your feedback! What crypto would you like us to add next? Are you interested in selling cryptos other than Bitcoin on BitQuick?

Please fill out the survey below to help us make our decision:

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Thank you, Support