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To buy or sell bitcoin, the use of a bitcoin wallet is required. As a seller, bitcoin need to be sent from the seller’s wallet to the buyer’s, and as a buyer, bitcoin need to be received to a bitcoin address. On BitQuick, sellers are provided with a secure BitQuick escrow address to send their bitcoin to. Buyers on the other hand, need to provide BitQuick with a bitcoin address where they would like to receive the BTC:

If you’re new to bitcoin and in need of a wallet, we would recommend downloading the Athena Bitcoin wallet. The Athena Bitcoin wallet is a white-label version of the Airbitz wallet (Airbitz rebranded to Edge in 2017).


The Athena Bitcoin wallet is a great wallet solution, with several key benefits:

You Maintain Control Of Your Money. The ability to backup your wallet means that you maintain full control of your keys and your bitcoin at all times. This means that your data will always remain private, and can be restored at any time via the Athena Bitcoin, Airbitz or Edge app thanks to automatic backups. Even if Airbitz/Edge were to go out of business, you would still have full control over your keys.

First-Class Security. Thanks to client-side encryption, your data is encrypted on your device before it ever touches Airbitz’s servers (thus protecting it from potential threats). One-touch 2-factor authentication solutions (such as BitID) and a password recovery option also add an extra degree of peace of mind.

Ease Of Use. The Athena Bitcoin wallet offers an incredibly user-friendly experience that allows you to begin using your wallet in mere seconds.


Let’s Get Started!

If you’ve never set up an Athena Bitcoin wallet, you can get started here:



You will need to sign up, select your local currency and create your username, PIN and password.

*Note: Please make sure that you securely save and store your credentials (PIN, Username & Password). These will be required if you ever need to recover your wallet!

After doing so, you will need to tap “REQUEST” in order to obtain a bitcoin address for your wallet. As a BitQuick buyer, this will be the address you can receive your bitcoin to (if you wish to receive them to your Athena Bitcoin wallet):

There is also a directory of places where you can spend bitcoin, as well as the option to send bitcoins by either scanning a QR code or entering a bitcoin address. Another great feature is the ability to sweep a wallet by importing your private key.

Athena Bitcoin has had a white-label mobile wallet solution for two years that has been enjoyed by thousands of customers. If you’re looking for a safe, easy and secure wallet when buying bitcoin on BitQuick, we would highly recommend the Athena Bitcoin wallet.


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