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Please welcome the new BitQuick! Our site has undergone various tweaks over time, with a major redesign back in 2014. We’ve changed our look once again to accommodate the continuously evolving standards in the space, and to maintain our status as the easiest way to trade bitcoin in the United States.


Buying Bitcoin Has Never Been This Easy.

A key component of our new design is the introduction of an embedded buying wizard on our front page. An evolution of our original wizard, the new wizard allows you to get started from the moment you visit BitQuick.

  • As a buyer, you can now immediately enter the amount of USD you want to spend or BTC you want to receive:

  • Select your payment method (if applicable):

  • Select an offer:

  • Place your order:


Dynamic Order Book Sorting Takes Out The Guesswork.

Another great feature of the new site is the ability to dynamically sort our order book by US dollar amount, bitcoin amount, and payment method/bank. All it takes is to enter your desired amount and payment method (if you like) and select your order!

We see ourselves as the modern iteration of fast, safe and easy peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading, and believe that our new website reflects this sentiment. Stay tuned for more news from BitQuick! Please feel free give the new site a try, your favorite way to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin has never looked or felt better.

Thank you,

BitQuick.co Support

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