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Happy Halloween Bitcoiners! Keep your BitQuick order and bitcoin secure from ghouls and goblins this Halloween with these great tips.


All Users



It is important for all BitQuick users to maintain healthy security practices, including making sure that the devices used to access BitQuick are secure, malware-free and virus-free. Please make sure that regular scans are run using reputable and effective anti-virus and anti-malware services in order to avoid having your device (and potentially your bitcoin) compromised.



Both buyers and sellers should avoid involving outside parties in the trading process to avoid compromising your funds. Sellers should keep their account information private and securely stored, especially their PIN, and should not allow others to access their account. Buyers should make sure that no one else is involved with the buying process to avoid potential 3rd-party scams and attacks.





BitQuick sellers should make sure that they are using a strong authentication method to keep their account secure. Currently, there are two options to do this.


BitID is our recommended method of authentication. In a nutshell, it uses public/private key cryptography to allow secure authentication via any participating BitID wallet app, such as the Athena Bitcoin wallet (see below). It is important to make sure that you securely store the credentials for your BitID wallet. For more information, please see our previous blog about our BitID integration.


A PIN is a password used to access sell orders. We recommend using a long PIN (at least 15 characters) with a mix of numbers and special characters, as well as upper-case and lower-case letters. Your PIN should be securely stored. If forgotten, your PIN can be reset via your order modification page.

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BitQuick buyers should choose a secure and well-known wallet provider to have their bitcoin sent to. We would recommend using the Athena Bitcoin Wallet (Android, Apple), but this article does a great job at describing the pros and cons of alternative options. It is also important to make sure that a valid address is provided in order to allow for the quickest possible processing speed.

Note: No matter which wallet you choose, always write down the username/password or recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store that paper in a very safe place. This will be your backup in case something happens to your digital wallet (such as losing a phone!).


For more information or questions about security, feel free to contact us.

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween, Support

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