A BitQuick.co Update: 10x growth, Backpage.com Guide, SMS Verification and more!

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It’s been a great year so far here at BitQuick.co! From graduating Boost.VC, to our exciting AltQuick integration, things are really falling into place. We wanted to take this opportunity to inform our users about what we’ve been up to lately, the growth we’ve had, and where BitQuick is going moving forward. Also SMS verification for buyers is going live tomorrow, and we have finalized our Backpage.com guide!

Firstly, our 30 day trailing volume has increased from only $100,000 when the year began to over $530,000 today! In addition, our 30 day trailing new users has seen a tenfold increase this year, from around 50 to over 500 new users every 30 days! We can’t thank the community enough for their support and feedback during these past few months. It’s because of valuable feedback from community members that we are able to keep innovating the P2P marketplace space, and making things better for our users.

Since this year began we’ve:

  • Upgraded our fraud detection to facilitate expedited transaction processing. Average processing time is down to 20 minutes!

  • Launched a slick trade wizard.

  • Had 0 users lose money due to scams, or fraud! Check our seller’s guarantee.

  • Integrated Netki wallets, and Clef authentication.

  • Launched a successful, high-paying affiliate program

  • And much more!

We’re also excited to announce the final version of our Backpage.com guide. We’d appreciate any feedback you might have on this!

So what’s next for BitQuick?

  • Launching SMS verification tomorrow! This will reduce false holds, and increase liquidity for our legitimate customers.

  • More exciting integrations, and team members coming aboard.

  • An updated front page is coming shortly.

  • More convenient online payment methods will be added.

  • Our expansion into international markets, and remittances will be slowed down as we focus on compliance and regulation. Looking at 3 months here.

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS coming in 2-3 months!

Thanks for reading!

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