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The BitQuick team is very excited to announce our integration with Clef! Two-factor authentication , while often cumbersome, is a necessary staple for any website in this day and age. This is especially true for Bitcoin startups, which is why Clef was an obvious choice since they provide a simple, secure, and convenient way to use two-factor authentication. Even more, Clef provides a way to securely replace passwords altogether! We have allowed sellers to use Clef instead of a modifcation PIN/password for their orders.

Why Clef?
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Clef is a robust authentication solution that allows you to access your accounts in a hassle-free manner by utilizing public and private key cryptography, similar to the cryptography that secures your Bitcoin wallet. Passwords are no longer necessary thanks to Clef, since the application recognizes your phone instead of anything that you would need to remember or type.

Clef provides several advantages that other two factor solutions lack, including protection from bucket brigades , server breaches, and laptop theft.

Clef + BitQuick: A Seamless Integration
Using Clef with BitQuick couldn’t be easier! While you can still create a modification PIN if you so choose, we would highly recommend protecting your BitQuick order by selecting Clef as an option instead. Clef can be selected when you create a new sell order.

To use Clef, you will need to have the app downloaded on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app, you will simply need to select the “Have Clef?” box when creating your sell order. You will then be prompted to log in with your phone. This is a streamlined and near-instant process that merely requires you to aim your phone’s camera at the computer screen with the app open.

Once you have verified your email and logged in with Clef, you will be able to create your new sell order.

Once your order is created, you will be able to modify your order at any time with the Clef app, without the need to keep track of any PINs or passcodes.

The BitQuick team is always actively taking the best measures possible in order to allow for the most secure and simple experience to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin securely. After having implemented our partnership with BitGo and released proof of our reserves , integrating with Clef is a phenomenal next step towards us reaching this goal.

Expect to hear more from BitQuick soon, and don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas for any improvements that you think we could make!

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