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The BitQuick team is very happy to announce the launch of our new affiliate program !

Thanks to the new program, you are now given the power to earn up to 50% of the 2% commission that BitQuick makes from any orders that are completed by new users that you refer to our service. If you refer the buyer or seller involved in a trade, you’ll get 25% commission for each; this reward amounts to 1% of the total purchase, paid out in Bitcoin!


How does it work?

The program will work via a unique link that you will be given.

Your link can be spread to new users looking for the safest, simplest and quickest way to buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin (our process only takes 3 hours or less from start to finish!). If the referred user is a first-time BitQuick user and they complete a purchase, this individual will then become one of your referrals for the next 3 months!

This also means that if you refer an individual to BitQuick that has never used our service before and they complete a purchase, not only will you receive 0.5% of the total order amount for their first order, but also 0.5% of the total amount of all other orders that the buyer or seller makes during the following three months.

Payouts are made every Sunday. Additionally, once you have earned $50 worth of Bitcoin from your referrals, we will double your earnings by giving you an extra $50 in BTC, free of charge! This also applies to $100 worth of earnings, should you decide that you’d like to acquire more earnings and receive a larger bonus instead (receive $100 in earnings, receive an extra $100 from BitQuick). This bonus is only available to the first 100 affiliates who earn it.

Here’s an example scenario:

  1. 1. Refer a first time buyer
  1. 2. Buyer purchases 35 BTC (roughly $10,000) during the 3 month affiliate period
  1. 3. You will receive a commission of 0.5%, which amounts to 0.175 BTC (roughly $50)!

BONUS: Earn $50 or $100 from your referrals, receive an additional $50 or $100 from BitQuick!

Earn Bitcoin by making BitQuick better!
We are proud that we’re given the opportunity to reward our user base with an extra incentive to bring the community together so that we can work towards the common goal of continuing to grow the BitQuick platform.

No more in-person trades that could possibly result in an unsafe encounter. There’s no longer any need to wait 3 to 5 business days on an aging banking infrastructure just to receive a digital asset that can be transferred from one person to another in moments.

Become a BitQuick affiliate today, and change the way that people trade Bitcoin!


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