Save 20% at Starbucks when you turn your cash into Bitcoin with BitQuick and Fold

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With countless brilliant and dedicated developers currently building upon and utilizing the revolutionary technology that Bitcoin has to offer, perhaps one of the more interesting projects out there right now is Fold.

Save Money at Starbucks

Fold allows you to buy Starbuck’s Coffee with Bitcoin. The process can be completed in 3 simple steps, all within a minute or two. What makes Fold particularly interesting is the fact that not only do they allow you to buy Starbucks with Bitcoin, but they also provide a 20% discount on each order by providing a gift card code. Spend $4, get $5 back! You can get started by signing up at

Because Fold gives you the ability to save money by spending at Starbucks, and BitQuick allows you to buy Bitcoin and receive Bitcoin within 3 hours, it is now possible to go from cash in your pocket to coffee in your right hand (or left, for those of you out there that are lefties!), all within the same day. There’s no need to sign up when using BitQuick, and if your purchase amounts to $5 or $10, you’ll likely be getting your coins within minutes upon payment.

From Bitcoin to Coffee, The Easy Way

For the first time ever, the combination of BitQuick and Fold provides the freedom and utility of buying bitcoin and receiving them from BitQuick, loading up your Fold account, and receiving Starbucks with a total discount of up to 18% on your order! Even when considering BitQuick’s 2% commission fee and any additional premiums that sellers may charge, the 20% savings that Fold offers makes it all the more tempting to pick up some coffee with Bitcoin on your way out in the morning.

BitQuick and Fold are both businesses participating in Boost VC’s Tribe 5 of Bitcoin startups. In the future, Fold plans to release the capability of purchasing gift cards and saving 20% from other large retailers as well, such as Target and Whole Foods.

Make sure to follow Fold on Twitter @fold_app so that you can catch the latest updates or tweet any questions that you may have.

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